Farmkart is all about people

Be it the ones whom we work with or the ones around whom the company and the products are built.

Our Mission

To design a tech-driven ecosystem that makes farming inputs more affordable and accessible resulting in agriculture excellence for farmers.

Our Vision

To achieve sustainable growth within India’s agricultural industry by simplifying the everyday lives of farmers. We aim to improve their quality of life by creating a smarter future of farming.

Our Story

In 2017, after several years of research and ideation, Atul Patidar flew back to his hometown to convince like-minded individuals to join the agriculture movement of bringing the next impact to farmers’ lives.

We started in the living room of an apartment in Toronto with five other passionate individuals committed to the goal of creating a better agricultural future for the Indian farmers. Since then, our team has grown to more than 150 members serving more than 200k, across all india.

Our objective is, and always has been, to make farming inputs more affordable and accessible – especially for farmers living in the remote regions of India. We began with a dream to improve the quality of life of rural farmers, and a hope to make a sustainable and revolutionary change in the country’s agriculture industry.

We want to drive fundamental change for farmers and this begins with rethinking the existing methods of both service and delivery. We plan to democratize access to modern agricultural inputs such as equipment, fertilizer, pesticides, and seeds – thereby transforming the way the Indian agricultural industry functions and ultimately thrives.

We are innovative, tech-focused dreamers with a desire to be pioneers in this space. We want to drive innovation, make an impact, and become an inspiration for everyone around us.

Atul Patidar
Founder & CEO

At Farmkart, innovation is a daily affair

We are developing the next generation of farmers and agripreneurs. We are working toward establishing a digital transformation in Indian agriculture in order to bring about a paradigm shift in this extremely traditional industry. Since day one, our goal has been to make agriculture better for farmers.

Meet Our Global Leadership

Atul Patidar CEO
Atul Patidar
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Stephane Pastor
Chief Operating Officer
Diksha Pai-Lead, Strategy, and Business Innovation
Diksha Pai
Head, Strategy & Business Innovation
Atul Kapile
Chief Strategy Officer
Kym Derrick Uy-Director, Software Engineering
Kym Derrick Uy
Chief Technology Officer
Rony Stephen
Chief Experience Officer
Shanil Shah - Lead, Strategy, and Business Innovation
Shanil Shah
Head, Strategy & Business Innovation
Akash Kandhari
Lead, Growth & Partnerships
Shreesha Jagadeesh
Chief Data Officer

Meet Our Advisors

Lee Fain
Advisory Board member

Meet Our Management Team

Yash Patidar
Logistics Operations Excellence
Arpit Patidar
Store Operations
Priya Sungra
Operations Management
Abhishek Giri
Delivery Operations
Umang Singh
Digital Agronomy
Tarun Patidar
CHC & Marketing

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