A Farmer centric app

Designed For Non Tech Savvy Farmers Specifically crafted for rural Indian farmers, our platform offers a personalized shopping experience, focusing on each farmer’s unique needs. It integrates digital agronomy support and crop cycle management tools, ensuring a targeted, efficient, and comprehensive service tailored to the modern farmer.

The unorganized agriculture sector poses multiple challenges to the rural Indian farmers in running their business profitably. Availability and accessibility of agricultural products at the right price is a major challenge for them.

Farmkart’s e-commerce platform offers affordable and accessible agriculture products and services sourced globally.

U2U Delivery

Last-mile delivery solution for the farmers based on a unique community-driven system. Anyone from the region can deliver Farmkart orders to their fellow farmers in their neighbourhoods and supplement their income with minimal extra effort.

Technology For Non-tech People

With Farmkart, online ordering becomes an effortless experience where people will only need to select the quantity of their preferred products to place an order on our platform. If you can count, you can order!

Order Online At The Best Prices

At Farmkart, farmers are assured to get products at the most competitive prices. Farmers can select from a wide range of products, curated to their needs.

Avail Services

Farmkart’s e-commerce platform also provides a farmer with an integrated ecosystem, along with Farmkart’s UIC card, providing innovative personalized agriculture solutions tailored to their everyday farming needs.

What we are about

A single-step check-out system
Live Tracker
Track each step of your order in real time
Digital Invoice
View your invoice digitally and say goodbye to paper
Weather Forecast
Get notified about the changing weather conditions and preventive measures to protect your farm

With Farmkart App, easily shop for agricultural products online from the comfort of your home and get these delivered to your doorstep By downloading the Farmkart free e-commerce application on your Android or iOS phone, you can effortlessly browse our massive collection of products from multiple categories such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and farm machinery.


An AI-enabled digital identity solution that helps farmers select the right products and follow the best farming practices by providing personalized suggestions within our easy-to-use Farmkart E-Commerce App. The UIC also introduces a simplified online payment process, promoting tech adoption in the rural farming communities of India. UIC Gold membership gives privileged access to consulting services, free same-day delivery and priority support through our Customer Happiness Center (CHC).

Farmkart Delivery

Farmkart’s in-house delivery system is designed to ease accessibility even in the most remote regions of India. Farmers receive agri-inputs at their doorstep within 36-hours.


Bringing the best farming equipment solutions for farmers across rural India through which they will now be able to rent equipment stress-free on a customizable basis from verified partners.

The Concept Store

India’s first phygital agriculture Concept Store for farmers that offers a wide assortment of best quality products and services at the most affordable rates, with a seamless shopping experience.

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Personalized agriculture consulting services providing farmers with solutions tailored to their unique needs and circumstances. agri-nidan promotes sustainable agricultural practices by introducing new and innovative farming techniques to make a positive long-term impact in the Indian farming ecosystem.